Paintless Dent Removal Service

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If your auto has a ding or dent that needs repaired consider a different car dent removal repair verses the traditional body shop repair.

Why Choose Quality Dent Removal, Inc to Utilize Paintless Dent Removal to Repair Your Vehicle?

  • Repairs can be much less expensive than traditional auto body repairs.
  • Quality Dent Removal is a locally owned and operated company.
  • Experience- Serving the metro area since 1996.
  • Work can be performed in a convenient clean shop
  • Mobile capable
  • Works with many local dealerships and body shops

Car dent removal can be performed on your vehicle for small dings, dents, and creases for much less than traditional body repair saving you a lot money.



Often a dent or door ding can be removed very easily by a skilled paintless dent removal (PDR) technician without sanding or painting.

What is paintless dent repair or PDR?

“Paintless dent removal” is a process of removing minor dings, dents, and creases from auto body panels that may have been caused by hail or objects hitting a panel.  A wide array of damages can be repaired using PDR, but if there is broken paint then PDR may not be the solution

What is the process of repair?

Paintless dent repair has been an accepted type of repair for quite some time.  PDR can be performed on steel and aluminum and most often is performed by utilizing metal rods and picks to push the damage panels from the inside of the body panel.  If there is no access it may be possible to use a glue to pull the dent from the outside of the panel.
To help the technician see and then push the panel in the correct spot a fluorescent light is often used to help see shadows that are created by the deformation of the dent.

It takes a skilled technician to perform what is more of an art in repairing damaged auto body panels.  An untrained person may think that it can be easily done and can make a dent much worse and impossible to repair if done themselves.

So contact Quality Dent Repair, Inc and give us the opportunity to repair your vehicle.


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